Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upcoming Shows In June

6/11 @ The Fort Washington School of Rock in Fort Washington P.A.
(w/ Abserdo, Trasher, Demonic Chaos, Robbin' The Nak) [$5, 7pm]
6/12 Wolfstock Fest @F.D.R. Skatepark in Philadelphia, P.A.
(w/ Dekap Attak, Trasher, Jenkem, X Hunters, Robbin' The Nak, Fisthammer, Breathe Easy, Atrophia) [2pm]
6/19 Stay Dead Fest in Amityville, New York
(w/ Warfear, Zombie Culture, The Jizzcannons, Nerve Gas Attak, Point Blank, The Pogo, Born of Thunder) [1pm]
6/19 TBA in C.T.
(w/ Misanthropic Noise, Gowl, 1 T.B.A.)
6/21 Costume Show! @ TheMeatlocker in Montclair, NJ
(w/ Fatal, Trasher, Dystrophy) [8pm 6 with Costume 10 without Costume]

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